never dream'st on aught but butcheries
Ruki: By the way my nipples aren't weak.
Aoi: Ah, I see. It's strong? (Laughs)
Ruki: My nipples are strong.
Aoi: Ah~ totally OK?
Ruki: It's totally OK!
Aoi: I see, even though I don’t know what we are talking about now (Laughs)

- You would like to protect someone, then?
[Nope. Rather the opposite.]
- hm?
[I am more the one to be completely under the woman’s thumb. (laughs) Therefore, I am not much of the protector-type. (laughs)]
- Isn’t that a bit of a contradiction? (laughs)
[It’s more of a reverse. (laughs) It’s more of an ideal, which I have. (laughs) Actually, though, a woman, who has to be dragged along like that, is a real no-go. Therefore it is better if she’s taking the lead then, and even though I might still protect her, I’d rather be lead by her. (laughs)]
- Ahahahahaha, so you really would like to be under such a woman’s thumb then?
[Yes, yes. I’d totally like that. (laughs) Saying this, though, it is impossible, if she’d want me to be totally attentive, when talking (and getting things unsaid). I’d hope she’d just tell me things really frankly. I like people with a rather bad character. (laughs) And women who have a strong character. For example, if I ever cheated on her, it had to be someone who be like [Oh really? Well, it can’t be helped… …] (laughs)]

Ruki:The skirt… should be as long as the belt (Laughs)
Aoi: If that’s the case~ God would advent upon us.
Ruki: That would be totally equivalent to not wearing at all.
Aoi: That’s right.
Ruki: I see. For me,I think that it would be good if the skirt isn't short~
Aoi: The skirt?
Ruki: Yes.
Aoi: Like ankle-length?
Ruki: Somewhere around ankle-length.
Aoi: Seriously?
Ruki: Un. I don’t really reveal much, unexpectedly. In contrast even if it’s short, I’d prefer it if they wear leggings under their skirts though.
Aoi: Aah~
Ruki: Because I have a leg fetish (Laughs)
Aoi: That’s right~
Ruki: Un. I like the part starting from the leggings to the feet (Laughs)
Aoi: I see! Do you really like skirts in the first place?
Ruki: Un. Not really skirts…
Aoi: Are you pro-Pants or pro-Skirts?
Ruki: I'm pro-Pants~
Aoi: Ah, I see.
Ruki: Because when you fold over the cuff of trousers like this… you see the feet!
Aoi: Aah~
Ruki: It overturns my imagination, then I’ll nosebleed. (Laughs)
Aoi: (Laughs)
Ruki: It’s good to have nosebleeds, fufu (Laughs)
Aoi: I see. Ruki-san, It's alright if you just let this be broadcasted over the Radio? (Laughs)
Ruki: But, I can’t help it for this~

Ruki: And when I returned from school, my mother was holding it in her hands.
Aoi: Ah~ I see.
Ruki: That magazine is not a normal erotic magazine.
Aoi: Ooh!
Ruki: It's more, a little S and M (Laughs)
Aoi: Ah~ that’s abnormal (Laughs)
Ruki: It was a abnormal feeling. Then, that got me.
Aoi: Like, “This brat here is doing this when he’s in elementary school”.
Ruki: The instance I saw my mother, I thought, “That’s going to hurt”.

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