never dream'st on aught but butcheries
Совершенно чумовой фик!

Corridors of Power

Being An Originally Intermittent Account
of the Political (Mis)Adventures
of the Viscount Northallerton, Lord Malfoy of Wimbledon;
and the Rt. Honourable Harry J. Potter,
Member of Parliament for North Southwark and Bermondsey (Liberal Democrat).

Annotated, with Footnotes

Может, и не всем он покажется таким уж смешным, но...

Harry shoved a spiral-bound folder in front of him with a print-out of the list of Current Peers. Draco's name was highlighted in angry pink. "What's this?" Harry demanded, jabbing his finger at the column labelled Political Affiliation.
"This is the new list, correct?" Draco leaned back against the statue of Disraeli and straightened his lapels. He had to resist the urge to do the same to Harry.
"You. Are. A. Tory, Malfoy."
"Please. Conservative. Tory is so tabloid."
"So what's this rubbish then?" Harry stepped closer, probably to reinforce his Determined Glare, but that only meant that he had to look up at Draco, and Draco didn't mind that at all.
"Cross. Bench." Draco murmured the words deliberately close to Harry's ear. "It has such a ring to it."
"Oh, Draco." Harry sighed, and for a second Draco's blood spiked at the sultry look Harry gave him. "Not half as much as Allegations of Misconduct."

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